Concurso de Remix del Shine On Me


Aquí os dejamos el remix que ha presentado Bside uno de los miembros  del colectivo espero que os guste:


Albert Psycho – Dirty Level (Remix Contest)


Liquitech Records was released one year ago. One year sharing our
sounds with you, working for you, for your nights, full of passion to the
music and we going to celebrate the first anniversary giving you the
opportunity to win amazing prizes.

Albert Pyscho is one of our best artist. Albert Psycho is a deejay,
producer, and remixer from Spain. He work with several labels all
around the world, like Broken Records, Abnormal Behavior or Liquitech
Records. He can mix wit vinyl, cd, Maschine (Live) and he make music
with the best quality and rythms. We have choosen his last track
“DIRTY LEVEL”, a great tech house track. It will be released with the
winner remix in all digital stores like Beatport, Juno, iTunes, etc..

Follow Albert PSycho on Facebook HERE:

Closing date for submissions is January 31th 2012 23:59:59 GMT+1 (Central European Time).


1st Place:

Your remix released in all digital stores.
Korg Nanokey
One year of Soundcloud Lite account
Exclusive Loops library made by our artist (LQ Private Series)
Possibility to release one digital release in 2012 in one of our labels.
Exclusive Ableton instruments (racks) by one of our artist

Rules and Conditions:

1. Download the remix parts from January 1st 2012. You can download the files here:
2. Submit your remix to this competitions group at
3. File submission is subject to terms. Submitting a track signals agreement with these terms and conditions. Please dont enable file download and make sure track is public. Tracks which dont follow these simple rules will be disqualified without noticing.
3. The submission phase begin January 1st 2012 and ends on January 31th 2012 23:59:59 GMT +1 (Central European Time).
4. The Judging phase starts on February 1st 2012 (it takes some days). However winner can be announced anytime.
5. The winner will be chosen by artist (Albert Psycho) and label (Liquitech Records) themselves. Winners will be posted on our web:
6. Any submissions using a sample that is uncleared will be disqualified. The definition of an uncleared sample is a loop, sample or musical work, that you do not own the copyright for (ie: you didnt create it). You are free to use sounds that were created by you and/or royalty free loops. The submitting party bears all responsibility for their use of any uncleared content.
7. In consideration of label agreeing to consider entrants to the Competition, each entrant hereby assigns to label a perpetual, royalty-free, exclusive, sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, play, and exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to your entry worldwide and/or to incorporate your entry in other works in any media now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in your entry. Prior to any release, winner will be required to sign a remix agreement and liability release and, where permitted, a publicity release. In the rare event that all of the submissions are deemed sub-quality label reserves the right to not include a winner y/or to not include the release on label prize. Please submit professional quality product for consideration.
8. All trademarks and logos are protected. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of the remix parts or resulting records or remixes or is prohibited.
9. Your submission of a remix in this contest constitutes your agreement to these Rules.
10.The competition is not open to employees or agencies of label.
11. Information on winners can be obtained by contacting Liquitech Group at
12. Upon request entrant will supply a stereo, 24 bit, WAV master file.
13. None of the organizers or sponsors of this event, including but not limited to label shall accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, liability, injury or upset caused to or suffered by you as a result of entering the competition or winning any prize. They further accept no liability for any damage caused to any persons computer or other electronic device relating to or resulting from downloading any materials, including so called computer viruses, in connection with this competition.


Remix This – Jai Lyra’s ‘Lament’


¿Es usted un remixer asesino? Al igual que para entrar en las listas de descarga como parte del EP de debut Music Killercut etiqueta, y ganar algunos premios gnarlyen el camino? Si es así esta es tu oportunidad para hacer una marca y convertirse en un artista de remezcla en la música Killercut.

Jai Lyra está ofreciendo su primer lanzamiento en Música Killercut para ver quién puede elaborar una remezcla bastante bueno para el corte asesino. Si su remix eselegido que va a ganar un par de TMA-1 sueco diseño de la casa de Ai Ai Aiauriculares valorados en 279,00 dólares, junto con un paquete de regalo de Globecon tienen cinco diseños  asesino camisetas, una suscripción Mydjspace prima un año junto con un artículo destacado exponer su talento increíble remezcla, agradable.

Cómo participar

1. Descargue las partes en el documento adjunto

2. Producir su remix y subirlo a su perfil Mydjspace.

3. Visite la página de Killercut (ver enlace abajo) y pegar un enlace a tu perfil en la pared Música Killercut.

Nota: Su url es Mydjspace / su nombre de usuario-


Are you a killer remixer? Like to break into the download charts as part of Killercut Music’s debut label EP, and win some gnarly prizes along the way? If so here is your chance to make a mark and become a remix artist on Killercut Music.


Jai Lyra is offering up his first release on Killercut Music to see who can craft a remix good enough for the killer cut. If your remix is chosen you will win a pair of Swedish design house Ai Ai Ai’s TMA-1 headphones valued at $279.00 along with a gift pack from Globe containing 5 killer designed t-shirts, a 1 year Mydjspace premium subscription along with a spotlight article exposing your amazing remix talents, nice.

How To Enter

1. Download the parts in the attachment below

2. Produce your remix and upload it to your Mydjspace profile.

3. Visit the Killercut page (see link below) and paste a link to your profile on the Killercut Music wall.

Note: Your Mydjspace url is

Wavecollective Records presenta una nueva competición de REMIX-CONTEST

Wavecollective Records presenta una nueva competición de REMIX-CONTEST. Este Tercer REMIX-CONTEST se trata del tema “Breathe” del dj & productor Frank Caro, afincado en Barcelona y residente en OPIUM MAR . El track cuenta con la inestimable voz de la vocalista Amanda que convierte el track en un auténtico Hit.

De todos los remixes recibidos se seleccionarán 3 para ser incluidos en el próximo Release de “BREATHE” y serán incluidos como artistas de wavecollective records. La selección de dichos tracks será de la siguiente forma:

Primer remix “premio Wavecollective”:
La dirección de Wavecollective Records, seleccionará el remix que más se acerque al estilo que busca para el próximo lanzamiento. El premiado pinchará en la sala Opium Mar de Barcelona junto a Frank Caro y a Frank García el día de la presentación del disco. Además, se le premiará con una mesa VIP para 4 personas ese mismo día.

Segundo remix “premio Popular”:
De los remixes restantes, automáticamante se seleccionará el primer remix de las votaciones, si resulta ser el mismo que ha seleccionado Wavecollective, se seleccionará el que está en segundo puesto.

Tercer remix “premio Artistas”:
De los remixes restantes, los artistas de Wavecollective Records seleccionarán el tercer ganador.