Dromos instalación audiovisual

Artist duo maotik and fraction have used the words of french cultural theorist and urbanist paul virilio as the launching pad for their immersive audiovisual installation, dromos. ‘in the fields of science and technique that have built the western world, we have only conceived machines dedicated to increasing speed. the person who would invent a slowing down apparatus would be regarded as an absurd man‘, virilio says. these ideas sparked the philospher’s conception of dromology, the science of speed in human society.

dromos – an immersive performance by maotik and fraction
video courtesy of maotik

conceptualizing and visualizing virilio’s ideas about slowing and speeding up time, the universe created by the artists undergoes constant construction and deconstruction, as granular textures, broken beats and generative visuals formulate an experiential atmosphere. the sensorial project takes the audience on complex optical journey, using light, sound and shape to saturate viewers in a maze of interactive media.  ‘dromos’ took over the satosphère in montreal for the entire duration of the mutek festival.

visual noise surrounds the ceiling and walls

at the satosphere, visitors looking into the media expanse

generative visuals

geometric imagery formed from light


the immersive environment surrounds viewers

changing lights create a new atmosphere

a moment captured from the visual installation

maotik and fraction

a tower of geometric shapes and lines

audience members immersed in the installation

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