Free Download Empresarios- Sabor Tropical (DJ Sabo feat Dario Boente Remix) Bside Re Edit

Con este ejercicio Dj Howard aka Bside ha querido homenajear a Empresarios y Re editar el mítico track “Sabor Tropical (DJ Sabo feat Dario Boente Remix) dando un toque Latin House.

With this exercise Dj Howard aka Bside to honor loved Re Entrepreneurs and edit the mythical track “Sabor Tropical (DJ Sabo Remix feat Dario Boente) tapping Latin House.

Fort Knox Recordings presents
The New Gold Standard 2 Remixed EP 2 featuring new remixes by J.Boogie, Nickodemus, DJ Sabo, and Nappy Riddem.

Artist: Nappy Riddem & Empresarios
Release: The New Gold Standard 2 Remixed EP 2
Label: Fort Knox Recordings
Catalog #: FKX030

1. Nappy Riddem – One World Sovereignty featuring Asheru (J.Boogie Remix)
2. Empresarios – Cumbia (Nickodemus Remix)
3. Empresarios – Sabor Tropical (DJ Sabo feat Dario Boente)
4. Empresarios – Sabor Tropical (Nappy Riddem Remix)

The New Gold Standard 2 Remixed EP 2 is the second in a series of releases of remixes from the Fort Knox Recordings’ 2009 hit compilation, The New Gold Standard 2. This new release features 4 freshly-minted remixes of Empresarios, and Nappy Riddem.

The New Gold Standard 2 Remixed EP 2 showcases stellar remixes of the new roster additions to Fort Knox Recordings.

Nappy Riddem, the new super group featuring Fort Knox Recordings stalwarts Rex Riddem and Mustafa Akbar, along side Thievery Corporation live-band bassist, Ashish “Hash” Vyas, show the breadth of their new sound with “One World Sovereignty”, featuring Asheru (Unspoken Heard, “The Boondocks Theme”). We grabbed Bay Area Beat Doctor, J.Boogie, to add his signature dubby house flavor to “One World Sovereignty”. With a glitchy bassline, and dub fx reminiscent of Mad Professor, J.Boogie presents this song in a totally different light.

Empresarios is a group co-formed by Javier Miranda, a Fort Knox Five and See-I collaborator. They make their debut with two sizzlers. “Sabor Tropical,” featuring the vocal stylings of Francisco Rosado and Felix Perez, crosses the boundaries of Latin funk and reggaeton while “Cumbia” drives further south with a red-hot Latin trip-hop groove. Nickodemus of Turntables on the Hudson fame, reworked “Cumbia” into a dizzy latin funk bomb. With a massive kick drum, and a shuffling dub beat, this will be a tune for any beat aficionado. On “Sabor Tropical,” we had two amazing remixes turned in. The first from DJ Sabo, gives “Sabor Tropical” a funky latin house feel. It features a stunning breakdown followed by a lovely keyboard solo by Argentinian musician, Dario Boente. For the second remix, Nappy Riddem handed us a breakbeat driven carnival styled rework. It features the extra vocal stylings of Mustafa Akbar, along with a rumbling bassline, and a massive shuffling beat.

With sounds ranging from trip hop to hip-hop, latin to reggaeton, and some serious funk & soul thrown in, The New Gold Standard 2 Remixed EP 2 raises the bar once again, showcasing all the talented artists on Fort Knox Recordings.

Release Dates:
Beatport Exclusive – June 15th, 2010
iTunes/Worldwide – June 29th, 2010


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